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Dave Mitchell. June 8th, 2014. 7pm
John 4.28-42

Churches can be inward looking and so focused on maintaining church life that they forget the imperative Jesus gave us for outreach. What is the Great Commission and what does it mean for us?

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51 minutes
Karl Martin. June 5th, 2014. Special

“Discipling a City” What does it look like for us to have a culture of discipleship, an apprenticeship of leaders and an obsession for mission? Karl is the Senior Pastor of Central - a church with a big vision to become a movement of missional discipleship with Jesus at the heart in Edinburgh and beyond. He is passionate about equipping, encouraging and releasing individuals in leadership. He has recently written a book called ‘Stand’. Karl is married to Niki and they have four daughters who have given him a love of rom-coms, dance movies and Downton Abbey. He would be playing cricket, rugby and football for England if it wasn’t for an old knee injury. He tweets regularly at @revdkarlmartin.

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Clare Thompson. June 1st, 2014. 7pm
Ephesians 4

Jesus came to build a new community, not a collection of individuals. What does this Kingdom community look like and how can we move towards it?

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Dave Mitchell. May 25th, 2014. 7pm

Churches tend to polarise around issues, adopting one way of thinking and rejecting another. But is this right? And what does it mean to embrace creative tension?

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