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Pam Scott Cook. March 16th, 2014. 7pm

Just as God's chosen people experienced hardship and suffering in the wilderness, so too does Jesus, the new Israel. How does this impact us?

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Dave Mitchell. March 9th, 2014. 7pm

The Old Testament as earthly dwelling for God's presence finds perfect expression in Christ and then ultimately in his body worldwide.

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Rob Scott Cook. March 2nd, 2014. 7pm

The story of scripture begins and ends in a garden. Paradise lost becomes paradise found, but only thanks to what happens in one more garden.

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Matt Gutteridge. February 23rd, 2014. 7pm
Matthew 7

Religious people can be often be very judgemental. Why was Jesus so scathing of religious hypocrisy and why is being judgemental never a good idea?

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